Best BBQ Rub For Chicken 2023

Best BBQ Rub For Chicken

To enjoy such a juicy and flavorful piece of meat, you definitely can’t forget BBQ rubs. It is secret magic lifting your BBQ game into a whole different level.

However, choosing a suitable BBQ rubs for your foods is not something piece of cake. There are many BBQ rub brands with various flavors available on the market, which may cause you tons of time to find the best one.

Therefore, I already wrote this 10 Best BBQ Rub For Chicken reviews to help you save your time with it.

Best BBQ Rub for chicken 2023

1. Bone Suckin’ Original BBQ Rubs

Bone Suckin’ Sauce Bone Suckin’ Original Seasoning and Rub, 5.8 Ounce

Nothing can describe how much I appreciate this rub. Bone Suckin’ offers its consumer a great option for a BBQ rub that is healthy and super affordable at the same time.

Sourced and made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients, it doesn’t contain gluten, MSG, GMO, and fructose corn syrup. This BBQ rub has been rated A+ in Health Magazine and is an ideal choice for protecting people’s health.

This rub is a proprietary blend of brown sugar, paprika, garlic, mustard, onion, celery, etc. It can significantly enhance the flavor for any meat or other dishes such as salad, pasta, and popcorn.


  • Taste awesome in anything
  • Contains no harmful chemical
  • Comes at an unbeatable price


  • The taste maybe too sweet for some people’s taste

2. Pappy’s Choice Original BBQ Rubs

Pappy’s Choice Seasonings – Original. Perfect for bbq and smoked brisket, steak, beef, chicken, fajita, hogs, rib, seafood, bagel, popcorn, jerk, pizza and more.

This Pappy’s Choice original BBQ Rubs is one of the most popular dry rubs for Santa Maria-style tri-tip. If you aim to make an incredibly flavorful and juicy piece of meat in the classic California style, you shouldn’t pass this BBQ rubs.

Made of high-grade spices and premium quality fresh ingredients that are sourced from all over the wall, this Pappy’s Choice rub is the favorite choice of both professional chefs and family.

Pappy’s Choice original BBQ rub does a great job at creating an appetizing smell and an awesome taste for the meats. Moreover, its amazing versatility allows it to go with multiple types of meat and vegetables, make it easy for you to have an interesting BBQ party.


  • Can serve various dishes
  • Offer satisfaction warranty
  • Create a mouth-watering smell for your foods


  • Can be really salty if you use it generously

3. Killer Hogs BBQ Rubs

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub | Championship Grill Seasoning for Beef, Steak, Burgers, Pork, and Chicken | 16 Ounce by Volume (11oz by Net Weight)

This Killer Hogs BBQ Rub was developed and perfected for many years by its passionate team. Therefore, now you can make sure that you will get the best rub ever from Killer Hong for your barbecue.

This BBQ rub is a balanced blend of natural spices such as brown sugar, salt, paprika, chili pepper, garlic, orange peels, onion, etc. Such great combination gives the meats an awesome taste inside and a beautiful, mahogany bark outside.

Plus, this rub is great at its low sodium percentage in the component, which ensures the meats are not getting too salty. However, since it contains MSG, you should consider it carefully if you react adversely to the MSG or have metabolic problems.


  • Brings out a natural flavor
  • Can be used on any kinds of meat
  • Build a charming outlook for your food


  • The component contains MSG

4. FreshJax BBQ Rub Gift Set

FreshJax Grilling Spice Gift Set, (Set of 5)

If you are seeking a BBQ Rub for gifting your loved people, this FreshJax BBQ Rub gift set will be the best option for you.

Though it comes from a small family company, it is wrapped in the most lovely package that is wonderful for any occasion: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Father’s day and so on.

This gift set offers five beautiful glass jars of dry rubs in five different flavors: Pepper habanero, fresh bay, grill master, smoky Southwest, and citrus pepper. They are enough to make various dishes, from beef, pork, poultry, seafood to burgers, pasta, veggie.

Plus, the ingredients used in them are certified Organic by the Americert International. You can make sure this gift set will bring the best for the food taste and your health at the same time.


  • A perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking
  • An ideal choice for health safety
  • Offers various flavors for different foods


  • Some flavors are a little bit salty

5. Wayward Gourmet Apple Smoked BBQ Rubs

Applewood Smoked BBQ Awesomeness – Rub & BBQ Seasoning – Best BBQ Grill Seasoning Rub – Made for Chicken, BBQ Meat, Hamburgers, Pulled Pork, Ribs, Steaks – Dry Rub Spice Blend

This Wayward Gourmet Apple Smoked BBQ rub brings a sweet, spicy, and smoky flavor for the meat. Therefore, it suits the best for anyone who is into the smoky taste.

As a blend of all-natural spices and other ingredients such as granulated honey, smoked applewood sea salt, garlic, onion, this dry rub makes the meat bursting in the combination of sweetness, smoky flavor, and spiciness.

Since the manufacturer keeps gluten and MSG out of their products, you can ensure it is a safe choice for your health. I highly recommend trying it on beef, pork, chicken, steak, and ribs to enjoy the best extraordinary flavor.


  • Can be used on various meats
  • Taste professionally
  • Safe for your health


  • The flavor may be bland to some people’s taste

6. Traeger Pork and Poultry BBQ Rubs

Traeger Grills SPC171 Pork and Poultry Rub with Apple and Honey

This Trager Pork and Poultry BBQ Rubs will turn your chickens into gourmet level with an amazing taste. It is featured of apple and honey flavor, makes it perfect for anything from a whole roasted chicken to pork tenderloin.

Without containing MSG, gluten, and GMO in the component, this rub is suitable for anyone, even for people who are on the Kosher diet.

Plus, this rub comes in a stackable aluminum tin container, which makes it easy for storage and decoration. With the premium quality from the ingredients and the flavor it offers, we can be proud as it is produced by the American manufacturer.


  • Easy storage
  • Also suitable for hamburger or steak
  • Does not damage people health


  • The box goes with a small amount of rubs

7. Jack Daniel’s Original BBQ Pork Rubs

Jack Daniel’s 01760 BBQ Original Quality Pork Rub, 11 oz-Packaging May Vary

If you prefer using pork in your barbecue party, this Jack Daniel’s Original BBQ pork rubs will help you to have the best tasting pork ever.

Made of subtle natural flavors and spices such as paprika, garlic, and sugar, this rub makes the pork bloom with signature spiciness and sweetness. You can use it to rub over any entrée of pork, from ribs, pork chops, pulled pork to pork butt.

Besides, this rub is free from gluten and MSG. Therefore, you can enjoy the delicious grilled pork without any concern.


  • Give a kick of unique flavor for the meats
  • Healthy choice
  • Taste great in any piece of pork meat: ribs, chops, butt, etc.


  • Taste a little bit salty

8. McCormick Montreal BBQ Rubs

McCormick Grill Mates Slow and Low BBQ Rub, Memphis Pit, 2.25 Ounce (Pack of 10)

Do you love making savory and thick juicy steak by yourself? I bet this McCormick Montreal BBQ rub will be an indispensable ingredient in your kitchen if you want to cook an epic steak for your family and friends.

This rub is made with natural herbs and spices such as garlic, paprika, coarsely ground pepper and does not contain MSG or gluten.

Even though it works the best steak to grill on charcoal, you can use it to rub over other typical types of meat like chicken, pork, and seafood. With the participation of this rub, the meal will make anyone feel appetized by its mouth-watering smell and dazzling look.


  • Create a beautiful look for the meat
  • No damage for health
  • Make a nice smell when grilling


  • Maybe too salty for some people’s taste

9. Bad Byron’s BBQ Rubs

Bad Byron’s Butt Rub Barbeque Seasoning BBQ Rubs (26 ounce)

While some people love adding sweetness to their meat, some people do not even stick with sugar in their diet. And if you are tired of finding a BBQ rub without brown sugar on the market, then don’t worry, this Bad Byron’s BBQ rub is here to help you.

This rub is a balanced blend of onions, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, and smoked jalapeno. No brown sugar. It is widely used by both professional chefs and backyard cooks.

Plus, this rub is gluten-free and non-MSG. People who are on the Kosher diet can use it without any problems.


  • Suitable for people who are on the no-sugar diet
  • Good choice for health
  • Brings an outdoor flavor


  • The packaging does not come with a safety seal

10. Spiceology Black Magic BBQ Rubs

Spiceology – Black Magic – Cajun Blackening Blend – Cajun Dry Rub All Purpose Seasoning – 4.4 ounces

Are you looking for a low sodium rub? If yes, then there you go, this Spiceology Black Magic BBQ rub is all what you need. With an incredibly low sodium percentage in the component, it is one of the most healthy choices for your family and friends.

This Black Magic rub is produced in the USA, packed in a beautiful glass jar that makes it wonderful for a gift or kitchen décor.

It brings a delicious flavor and a good bark outside for any meats that you want. Plus, it also works well with potatoes, salad, and even seafood. As being exact as its name, this BBQ rub is black magic for any meat that it goes with.


  • Goes well with all kinds of meat
  • Can be used for seafood
  • Highly versatile


  • The flavor may be too delicate for some people’s taste

What You Should Aware When Purchasing BBQ Rubs

There are some aspects that you should consider thoroughly when it comes to buying BBQ rubs.


It is always necessary to check the ingredients of any edible things that you are going to purchase. Since the BBQ rubs are blended with many spices and herbs, you should check them carefully and make sure it doesn’t contain any ingredient you are allergic.

Besides, the ingredients will mostly affect the taste it brings to your food. It can be smoky, sweet, salty, or spicy, depends on the ingredient percentages. Check the ingredients to ensure the BBQ Rubs have the exact flavor that you prefer.

MSG And Gluten Content

Most of the BBQ rubs available on the market nowadays are free from MSG and gluten. Some even are for Kosher dietary. Don’t mind spending a few seconds to make sure the rubs you buy are free from these two substances.

Meanwhile, some BBQ rubs are still added MSG to boost the flavor of the rubs. If you prefer the extra flavorful taste, you can purchase it. Make sure you have no problems with MSG. However, to protect your health, please use the food containing MSG sparingly.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts are not less important since they shows clearly the percentage of primary substances such as calories, sodium and total fat. This is necessary for people who are on specific diets such as low sodium, no sugar, low cholesterol, etc.

The Compatible Meats

Another aspect that you should care about is the compatible meat of the BBQ rubs. The meat will taste amazing if it goes with the most suitable rubs.

If you are not interested in any specific kind of meat, stick with the BBQ rubs that are versatile and can be used for various dishes.

BBQ Rubs Vs. Marinade

The marinade is another ingredient for seasoning the grilled meat. However, it has different texture and advantages compared to BBQ dry rubs.

A marinade is a mixture of spices and acidic liquid such as vinegar, wine, or citrus. It generally takes more time to impart the flavor(about 12 hours for sizeable thick meat). Besides enhancing the taste for the meat, marinade also works as a tenderizer.

The BBQ dry rub doesn’t contain any moisture ingredients, so that it will take less time to season. Although BBQ rub doesn’t tenderize your meat, it will give the meat a crispy and nice crust surface plus an appealing smell.


Since I love the smoky flavor, I definitely will have a Wayward Gourmet Apple Smoked BBQ Rubs in my kitchen. This rub will make my barbecue parties burst in an exotic and smoky flavor of savory applewood.

And how about you? Have you already made the decision? I hope you can find out the best BBQ rubs for your BBQ party after reading my review.

And last but not least, if you have any questions or useful tips for using best canned chicken, feel free to share it with me and other people. I would love to hear from you.

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