The 10 Best Dishwashing Gloves For Hot Water 2023

Even though the dishwasher invention has changed people’s lives considerably, there will be the time that you have to wash dishes and other items by hand. Plus, handwashing is always recommended to prolong the lifetime of kitchen utensils.

I understand how uncomfortable it is when touching directly to the greasy and dirty dishes, and then rinsing them over hot water. Therefore, a pair of dishwashing gloves are essential when it comes to handwashing.

However, choosing the most suitable dishwashing gloves seems to takes much more time than you think, since there are many dishwashing gloves brands with different materials and features available on the market.

But do not worry! I am here to save your time. The 10 Best Dishwashing Gloves For Hot Water will help you to find out the best one for you to handle the trickiest tasks in your kitchen.

Best Dishwashing Gloves For Hot Water 2023

1. YSLON Ruber Dishwashing Gloves

Rubber Cleaning Gloves Kitchen Dishwashing Glove 2-Pairs And Cleaning Cloth 2-Pack,Waterproof Reuseable. (Medium)

YSLON manufacture offers you 3 pair of high-quality rubber cleaning gloves for different using purpose, such as dishwashing, gardening, bathroom cleaning, or car washing.

These cleaning gloves are designed with particles increased friction, which helps you to have a better grip. Besides, since they are elastic, they can be suitable for various palm sizes. Wearing these gloves helps to protect your hands from corrosive liquids and so on.

Plus, as they come in dry, soft, and breathable textures, you will not feel any restrain occurrence, which makes it easy for you to do the best job at cleaning.

Furthermore, the manufacturer also provides you with a 100% satisfaction warranty, so that you can get a refund in case you are not satisfied with the products.


  • No restraint
  • Provides a comfortable grip
  • Adaptable for most palm sizes


  • The latex contained may cause allergy

2. Tripop Nitrile Dishwashing Gloves

Tripop Nitrile Heavy Duty Gloves, Reusable Green Dishwashing Gloves 15 Mils Thick with Dexterity and Durability (Extra Large)

If your skin is too sensitive, you should try this Tripop nitrile dishwashing gloves as they are free from latex and incredibly durable. Nitrile is considered the best material for sensitive skin.

With the superior resistance to tear, abrasion, and chemicals like oil, acid, alkali, solvent, these nitrile gloves will protect your skin from being irritated. Plus, the extra thick texture that is up to 15mm helps to increase the protection of hard cuts and punctures.

Moreover, these dishwashing gloves also offered an odor resistance lining, which does a great job of preventing sweating.


  • No sweating
  • Extremely durable
  • Defend against chemicals, abrasion, and tear


  • The x-large size may be quite small for big hands

4. Clean Ones Pure Comfort Dishwashing Gloves

Clean Ones Pure Comfort Latex Free Vinyl Gloves – Medium 6pr

These Pure Comfort dishwashing gloves from Clean Ones are made from vinyl, without the participation of latex, BPA, and phthalate, which makes it become a healthy choice for you and the environment.

These cleaning gloves are outstanding with the innovative and ultra-absorbent cotton lining, plus the extra thickness up to 21mm. Undoubtedly, they will protect you from harsh detergents and hot water while keeping your hands stay in the most comfortable condition.

Besides, these dishwashing gloves are also designed with a swirl pattern non-slip grip. Therefore, you can handle any slippery items with no problems.

Moreover, the company also offer you a100% satisfaction warranty, so you can get a full refund if the products do not meet your expectation.


  • Offer a better grip
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Do not cause allergy


  • The texture may get harder after a period of using time

5. TRUE BLUES Small Lime Green Dishwashing Gloves

Kitchen-Star Ultimate Rubber Household PVC Gloves with Comfortable Cotton Lined, Anti-Slip surface, Kitchen Dishwashing, Extra Thickness, Kitchen Cleaning, Working, Painting, Pet Care (Size Small, Blue)

If you always have trouble finding the best dishwashing gloves for your small hands, then these Small Lime Green Gloves from TRUE BLUES will save your life. As exact as its name, these gloves appear in a refreshing lime green color and fit tightly with small hands.

Made of tough vinyl with seamless cotton liner, these dishwashing gloves are incredibly durable and comfortable. They are smartly designed with excellent dexterity and amazing grip. Plus, you can put them into the washing machine without worrying it would be shrunk.


  • Extremely durable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Safe in the washing machine


  • It is quite difficult to turn the inside out for washing

6. MITALOO Silicon Scrubber Dishwashing Gloves

Magic Dishwashing Cleaning Sponge Gloves Reusable Silicone Brush Scrubber Gloves

This pair of MITALOO dishwashing gloves are made of food-grade silicone without containing allergic substance like latex. These gloves provide soft and flexible scrubbers that will not leave scratches in the kitchenware and other sensitive items.

One amazing strength of this pair of gloves is its awesome coldness and high-heat resistance. Since it can stand such high temperature that is up to 160 degrees Celsius, you can freely put it into the boiling water or the oven for sterilization. Plus, it is also safe in the dishwasher.

You can use these scrubber gloves to replace the old-style brush and improve the cleaning level for your kitchen. Besides, these gloves also perform a good job of washing fruits and vegetables, cleaning the bathroom and car, or caring for pet hairs.


  • Multifunctional
  • Incredibly durable and does not tear easily
  • Dishwasher safe


  • May be slippery when using it to wash eating cutleries

7. Treenewbid Kitchen Rubber Dishwashing Gloves

Kitchen Rubber Cleaning Gloves with Warm Lining Household Thickening PU Waterproof Dishwashing Latex Glove Large 2 Pairs

These Treenewbid Kitchen rubber dishwashing gloves appear in a lovely design with flowers sleeve and beautiful colors. They are especially designed with a super soft and warm cotton lining, which helps you stay comfortable even in the winter.

Besides, they provide extra long cuffs to prevent liquid from dropping inside and keep your hands dry all day. Plus, with the anti-skid bumps fingers design, these dishwashing gloves are superior in increasing touch plug and limit slipping possibility.

Since these warm lining gloves can protect your hands from corrosive liquids and more, you can use them for various household duties, such as cleaning kitchen utensils, washing the car or the windows.


  • Non-slip grip
  • Prevent the hands from contacting to corrosive liquids
  • Suitable for multiple using purposes


  • May cause allergy due to the latex

8. Elgood Latex-Free Long Cuff Dishwashing Gloves

Reusable Dishwashing Cleaning Gloves with Latex Free, Long Cuff,Cotton Lining,Kitchen Gloves 2 Pairs(Purple+Blue,Medium)

Designed with amazing long cuffs, these PVC dishwashing gloves from Elgood have such an impressive length that is up to 21.2 inches. They are perfect for preventing water and dirty liquid from entering inside the gloves and keeping your hands clean and dry.

Plus, these gloves are highly non-slip as they are designed with granules in palm and fingers. These granules boost the friction of the gloves and provide you a better grip, which makes it effortless for you to control slippery things.


  • Keep the hands dry
  • Easy to handle
  • No allergic reaction


  • May not last for a long time

9. Mr Clean Bliss Premium Latex-Free Dishwashing Gloves

Mr. Clean Bliss Premium 1-Pair Latex-Free Gloves, Medium, White

If you are allergic to latex and want to find the best latex-free dishwashing gloves, this pair of Mr Clean Bliss Premium cleaning gloves is considered an excellent choice for you.

Made of high-quality vinyl that has no latex and phthalate, these gloves can protect your hands from harsh detergents and avoid irritating reactions. Moreover, they also provide a could soft lining that is made of cotton, which cossets your palm thoroughly.

These latex-free are perfect for cleaning dishes, kitchen, and bathroom. Besides, you can wear them when doing gardening or washing cars.


  • Safe for people who are allergic to the latex
  • Handle slippery dishes easily
  • Can be used for different household tasks


  • They may get smelly if water dropping inside

10. Tusko Products Nitrile Rubber Dishwashing Gloves

Tusko Products Best Nitrile Rubber Cleaning, Household, Dishwashing Gloves, Latex Free, Vinyl Free, Reusable not Disposable, Extra Large XL (1 Pair)

Made of latex and vinyl free material, these Tusko Products nitrile rubber dishwashing gloves are perfectly balanced for maximum dexterity and durability. Therefore, they are superior in chemical and cut resistance.

Moreover, this pair of dishwashing gloves also offer an odor-resistant flock inner lining, which helps your hands to stay pleasant and avoid sweating. They are ideal for dishwashing and household chores.

Plus, Tusko company also offers you 90 days guarantee for non-commercial use. If you have any problems with its product, you can easily contact the company for a refund or the replacement.


  • Provides comfortable grip
  • No sweating
  • Durable


  • May not work well with hot water

What You Should Aware When Purchasing Dishwashing Gloves?

There are some essential aspects that you should pay attention to when buying dishwashing gloves.


Material is the primary factor that you need to aware when of when picking dishwashing gloves. Each material has its own advantages and drawback that makes it suitable for different people.

If you suffer from eczema or latex allergy, you should be extra careful when choosing your dishwashing gloves. Go with nitrile or vinyl gloves will be helpful in protecting your hands against the harmful chemicals and hot water.


A perfect fit pair of dishwashing gloves will support you the best with kitchen duties. By wearing suitable gloves, you will handle everything effortlessly and reduce the possibility of breaking or slipping.

Following the instruction of the manufactures to find out the most suitable size for your hands. You can also measure your hands in advance by yourself.

To measure your hands, lay your dominant hand flat with fingers together, wrap the tape measure around your palm, just above the knuckle, without including the thumbs. Then note the length.

You should choose the gloves that are half-inch larger in size than your palm length. For example, if your palm length is 8 inches, then consider going with the 8.5 inches size gloves.

Inner Lining

The inner linings play an important role in keeping your hands comfortable and giving extra protection to hot water or chemicals. They are typically made from soft cotton and sometimes has the ability to prevent odor and moisture.

Make sure that the inner linings are breathable and thick enough to make you comfortable. However, it depends on personal preference. Some people prefer gloves without lining to have better control with greasy items, plus they are also easier to sanitize.

Non-Slip Design In Palms And Fingers

Dishwashing gloves must be superior in non-slip design to give you efficient handle with slippery kitchen utensils and other objects.

You should purchase the gloves that are designed with granules in palms and fingers to hold everything firmly and limit slipping or breaking circumstances.


Here are some frequently asked questions about dishwashing gloves and their answers. Hope that they will be helpful for you.

Why do rubber dishwashing gloves get sticky?

Your dishwashing gloves can get sticky if they are not dried out properly. They can get even worse if you forget to clean them after every using time.

Can I sanitize dishwashing gloves with hand sanitizer?

Yes, you can. Normally, the hand sanitizers are gentle enough for cleaning dishwashing gloves without degrading them. Alcohol is not recommended cleaning for dishwashing gloves.

How often should you replace dishwashing gloves?

Depend on the way you preserve the dishwashing gloves, they can last from 1-12 months and even more than 1 year. However, when your gloves get holes or shrunk after a period of chronic using time, it’s time to purchase a new pair.


I am impressive with Elgood Latex-Free Dishwashing Gloves since they are made from eco-friendly material and do not cause allergic reactions to my sensitive skin.

Besides, its amazing non-slip design will help a clumsy person like me handle slippery breakable items easily without fear of breaking.

How about you? Have you already made the decision? I sincerely hope that you can find out the best dishwashing gloves to support you the best with kitchen tasks.

And finally, if you have any questions or useful tips about dishwashing gloves, feel free to share it with other people and me. I would love to hear from you.

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